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When Terri Andrews initially did The Rocky Horror Show at The Majestic back in 2002, Phil Goodridge “was absolutely rotted.”  The show he’d waned to be a part of since being 13 years old was finally here and he was heading back to Toronto for university and couldn’t audition.

He would get his chance six years later but not right away.  When auditions happened for Divas Do Broadway II, the number Sweet Transvestite was in the line up and Goodridge had his sights set on Franknfurter.  After making it known (well known) that he wanted the part, Andrews was surprised, but cast him as Riff Raff for Time Warp to see how far he was willing to go.  Clearly Goodridge delivered because after the official Rocky auditions, he “got a call from someone looking for Frank and it was Terri,” sharing that he “lost [his] mind when she said it.”

Phil Goodridge

Phil Goodridge

Not long after Goodridge went out and signed up with a gym to get ready.  “There’s not a lot of coverage in those outfits! I’ve only worn a corset once and I have to say say, they suck in the gut really well. The thing about wearing ladies undergarments, well, you just have to let go and get wild with it because that’s really what the show’s all about!”

Goodridge pointed out that the show will not simply recreate the movie though, which he feels is important because then people could watch the DVD. Film fans will recognize some honoured parts though and the show has no intentions of disappointment.

“We didn’t go into any scene with a pre-conceived notion of what it should be like which is great because we keep finding really great moments that’ll be really fun and new for the movie fans and also great for people who are seeing it for the first time.”

The cast also has members who are discovering Rocky for the first time but according to Goodridge “everyone involved is really into it, rehearsals are so much fun!  That’s definitely going to translate on stage.”  The energy at rehearsals helps the group strike a comfort zone according to Goodridge who says, “it’s really one of the best times” he’s had with a show. “Terri’s been a big part of that too because she has a clear vision of what she wants but she doesn’t force anyone to go one way or the other. She likes to see what people can bring to the table and sort of tailors it from there.”

Helpful for Goodridge, who’s never tackled anything this wild before. “I’ve been involved with musicals before but never one quite so raucous. And I’m usually wearing more clothes,” he laughs. “I’d never worn heels, much less platform heels, but I started wearing them early on in rehearsal and that actually helped a lot with the character. Everything’s a bit grander when you’re almost a foot taller.”

As for his character, he’s been conscious throughout rehearsals to put a touch-a touch-a Phil in his role and not mimic Tim Curry. Though he admits some lines slip out “very Curry-esque” he knows that “no one is an exact replica of their on-screen counterpart” and is certain a perfect balance has been struck.

Rocky Costume Contest

Rocky Costume Contest

When asked what his best memory from the production was so far, he confessed that he couldn’t choose between two. When it came time to rehearse “the scene where Frank seduces Brad and Janet, the three of us knew one another before doing this show and were pretty comfortable but we couldn’t stop laughing at each other. We’re talking all sexy and I’m throwing their legs in the air and it was just all too ridiculous.”

The other memorable moment came out of a signing rehearsal. “We were going over I’m Goin’ Home, my favourite song from the show, and there’s a part in the chorus where the entire cast starts singing this big swelling harmony. It was so beautiful – kinda almost wet my pants.”

The Rocky Horror Show runs at the Holy Heart Theatre, March 20 – 22nd 2009 with early and late shows on the first two nights.  Tickets are available by calling 579-4424 and there will be a best costume contest running along with the show.  Two winners will be chosen from the audience each performance and will receive tickets to the closing night where the best of the best will receive Rocky Horror t-shirts and $200.00 in cash.


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