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originally published November 2008

Bang 10 Poster

Bang 10 Poster

Almost 9 months to the day Current ran a piece about Liquid Ice closing its door’s for the last time. Those doors did reopen and while there was no name change, there were new owners. Stacy Coish and the original team said they weren’t going anywhere and true to their word, Liquid Ice Promotions has made good on that promise. Already the group has successfully put off 2 events and the third Liquid Ice Promotions presentation happens in just one week!

The scene for djing and electronic music has exponentially grown in St. John’s over the last few years especially. It’s a community that was really always there but the culture has grown and more people understand the artistic merit behind it. Coish has recognized and understood the different sounds and sub-genres for years along with the partners and resident dj’s he’s worked with, past and present. He’s responsible for not only exposing the St. John’s scene to some of the world’s most incredible djing talents, he’s also fostered a lot of the local talent by providing them with truly creative venues to play in.

After turning away from the weekly business, the promotions company can just focus on putting off concentrated events that pack a punch. The first two were hosted by The Abbey, a gourmet restaurant tucked away in The Spa at the Monastery. Guests were treated to a fine meal with an intimate dance party afterwards. The first, in June, featured the talents of Toronto’s Sydney Blu and the second, 2 months later, brought back former cornerstone Liquid Ice resident Kevin Penny.

Passionate patrons of the former Liquid Ice will also remember the place was famous for monthly events. Liquid Love for Valentines Day and Scared for Halloween, which was sorely missed last week. But, there’s no need to fret! One of those monthly events – BANG! – which is the longest running dj event and anniversary of the first party ever thrown is not even close to retirement yet. For its third event, Liquid Ice Promotions is holding on to BANG for the 10th year and it couldn’t be bigger.

Bang 10 will feature the talents of DJ Exacta, a resident dj from New York City whose accomplishments continue to grow and include the world’s finest nightclubs. Exacta took up residency at Pacha in 2005 when the NYC location was opened and he’s played at the original Ibiza location as well as Amnesia, Godskitchen in the UK, Space in Miami and Guvernment in Toronto. He’s played alongside tastemakers and trendsetters like Pete Tong, Oakenfold and Tiesto as well as David Guetta and Armand Van Helden. On November 15th he’ll play alongside the local talents of m0xY, Sina, Mike Taylor and Leo Van Ulden at The Stellar Club on Henry Street.

Exacta’s sound has been described as sexy and unique and is genuinely rooted in a soul education from listening to records in his basement in Queens as a child. He picked up the drums and joined his highschool jazz band but turned them in for turntables eventually becoming a dj in New York City hip hop clubs. His evolutionary sound brought him to house and he’s produced over a dozen of his own tracks as well as mixes for Suzanne Palmer, Paris Hilton and Nelly Furtado.

There’s more information about Exacta’s incredible talents and sounds available on his website at The night promises to be the most explosive Liquid Ice Promotion to date and for an incredibly reasonable advance price of $20 a ticket, which are available at Icons (115 Duckworth Street). What’s amazing is that it would be impossible to see him perform for anything less then that in any of the other world venue’s that you might catch him in. The best part – you don’t even have to leave your backyard and the best St. John’s has to offer will welcome him here in style


originally published March 2008

There are few places people can go and just be themselves. Somewhere they don’t worry about work or responsibilities. It’s the end of the week and time to let loose. Get all your frustrations, stress, and weight off your shoulders. For over seven years that place for hundreds has been Liquid Ice which will sadly groove and light its way into history for the last time on March 1, 2008. The party will surely carry over to March 2, so really, that will be the last day but either way, the place is going out with a bang.

Over the years there have been regular nights and massive nights. The club has been graced with some of the world’s biggest dj talents but also rocked by some of the best the Newfoundland dj scene has ever seen. I was a resident at Liquid for a little under two years and am already anxious for what I’m going to do with myself the first Saturday I don’t have the place to play in. In fact the same can be said for many of the people I work with, dj or not. It’s strange to even think of it in those terms; I work with these people. They’re all friends and although we all get paid to be there, there’s no question we all want to be there. There should be a year book or something.

Even beyond the co-workers, there are patrons of the club that we look forward to seeing every weekend. It’s like a hub. We all go gallivanting about the city Monday to Friday and then just instinctively go and meet up at the club, where everyone really does know your name – except it’s much cooler then Cheers (and Cheers was pretty cool). But what happens when that hive disappears?

The premier dj booth (that guests have even been blown away by), lights, and sounds create an absolutely amazing atmosphere and everything’s safe on the dance floor. One of the beauties of the club was in the clientele. It was completely irrelevant what you were – jocks, drag queens, suits, gym bunnies, average Joe’s, geeks, hip hop fans. There was something there for everyone. But something had to bring all these walks of people together. Some single common denominator.

Liquid Ice is a place that really connects the dj to the music, the music to the people, and the people to the dj. Music always actually seemed physical in that place (as Olivia Newton John pop’s into my head). And that’s the magic, making music real and creating that entire experience. I keep thinking that we’re loosing the closest thing to Club 54 this city has ever seen and wonder what will be the last song piped through the speakers.

Of course it will never really be over. Plans are already in the works to launch Liquid Promotions, aiming to recreate everything that Liquid Ice is, just every now ‘n then, instead of it being religious. It is religious in a sense. Initially many of my closest friends thought I was mental when the news hit. But once they understood how it is really a part of your life they got it and they’ll all be there to share the last night the lights go down on Liquid as the sun comes up.

The Liquid Ice Closing Party will feature the talents of residents m0xY, Leo van Ulden, Mike Taylor and Electro along side feature favorites Deko-ze (Toronto), Sydney Blu (Toronto), and Dayhota (Los Angeles).

Last Lines From Liquid

With too many wanting the last word, here’s some last will and testaments from past ‘n present staff, dj’s and hardcore peeps that have partied at Liquid Ice:

I survived Liquid Ice – from Start to Finish, and will miss all the fun times in between. From being a Candy Raver to being the first Light Jockey, I will forever have Liquid love for all the staff and friends made there.
– Freddy

I hereby leave one blue sharpie; clipboard and fanny pack fulla cash to Gina Johnson.
– Krissy

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