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So I can’t resist from making my first non “Current” related post now that I’ve just taken in the new video for the third single off of Britney Spears’ latest effort Circus.

Effort seems to be an approporate word to use to describe the album. I’ve never really been one to dive in after just anything Britney tosses into the masses. Fairly, I do have her greatest hits collection and the In The Zone album, but the latter was more out of my amour for Madonna then anything else, given her appearance on the lead single, but I digress.

Circus just doesn’t seem to have much going for it. Nothing that’s been released has been incredibly outstanding. Even if you don’t judge it from a technical standpoint and just take it for what it’s worth as temporarily hot pop, it’s still not doin’ much for me. Womanizer is incredibly repetitive and is more like the recording of a migraine, Kill The Lights was here and gone again in the blink of an eye and now we’re on to If You See Amy (that’s If You Seek Amy for those of us outside North America).

The link to the new video was sent along to me in an email post and I curiously clicked. The email I’d recieved was already making comparisons between the latter part of the video when Brit takes on the Suzie Homemaker style with the hot boys all around her to the photo shoot Madonna most recently did for W magazine. I don’t see that so much as the fact that she’s just going back and forth between innocent Britney and naughty Britney (but still toned down of course).

I found it all the more interesting that when I did a little further research, it turns out that the song is co-penned by Max Martin. Who’s he? The one and the same that co-wrote Oops… I Did It Again and more importantly – Baby, One More Time. Yes, he’s the man responsible for the song that brought Britney to the world. He’s in fact partially responsible for a dozen tracks from her with this latest – If You See(k) Amy – being the thirteenth. But this seems like a dud if only because of what the title suggestively implies over and over.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ m not expecting Pulitzer prize winning lyrics out of a pop song, but really?  Just say the title slowly – If … You … Seek … Amy.  Apparently it can sound like F.. U.. C..K.. Me.  Then when you toss the line before it in the song “All of the boys and all of the girls want to, if you seek amy,” it doesn’t even make logical sense other then to stand for the hidden message.  I guess I just find it somewhat surprising (and perhaps I shouldn’t be) that the same guy who’s written genius pop songs with act’s like Pink (‘Cuz I Can and half of Funhouse) would write something like this.

I’m all for pushing buttons and limits, as I said – favorite artist =’s Madonna.  But even when she did Justify My Love and went through the whole Sex Book phase, at least there was nothing hidden about it.  With this new track from Britney, you have to go searching around and deciphering before you get to the (ooooooo) naughty message.  But, I could also be totally naieve because according to a Wikipedia entry for the song, where I finally figured it out, little kids can get it – so why’d it take me so long!?  Maybe it’s my male gene and the fact that guys just need it given’ to ’em straight … or perhaps I’m just too innocent to get Britney’s naughty message right away.  In any event, I’d give it two and a half outta five stars, just for it’s insideously catchy tune.

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