Jessica Mealey and Katie Burke found certain women being ignored when it came to fashion. After plenty of work, “lot of laughs,” and “a few decorating disasters,” the duo are set with Structure Wardrobe and Style. Mealey says one of their biggest challenges was the wait, but they learned patients. “We had amazing assistance locally with the [funding] process, but it was difficult to wait for meetings, paper work, applications, while in our minds, the wheels were in constant motion!” Jokes aside the major lesson learned was that, “dedication and confidence take on a whole new meaning when starting up a business.”

The idea is service. Structure plans to give its clients attention, “it’s about embracing your size, learning to dress for your body, and bringing clients appropriate clothing that enables them to achieve a desired look. People can expect trendy hip clothing made for them; clothing that is designed well and flatters each and every shape.”

Structure has furnished its racks with designer clothing by “researching plus size women; what they find most appealing, and what they feel is missing from the existing plus size stores.” Then the two took off; Mealey jet-set away to a plus size fashion expo in Toronto, taking in runways and meeting designers. “Katie spent some time in New York visiting showrooms and networking to find out what’s hot and what the latest trends are in plus size fashions.”

Most of what they’ve sourced in terms of product is American, though one line hails from Toronto; that’s not to say they’re not open to more Canadian content. “We’d love to find a local designer who was interested in creating some pieces. We’ll also be looking into local accessory designers and local artists/photographers to display their work in our space.”

Everything from belts to jewellery will be available to accessorize and the ladies plan to offer up some specialty lingerie and undergarments in the near future.

Worried all this sounds a bit too lavishly expensive? Mealey assures that “Structure has something for everyone.” The price ranges are variable and while still designer, they plan to carry casual wear along with the career and high fashion lines.

Located in Churchill Square, the boutique will offer “a very modern, yet very comfortable” atmosphere with “a large retail space, seating area and a more separated studio room for make-up applications and consultations.” Burke and Mealey wanted to go for “the feeling of an exclusive women’s club.”

Still striving to offer women even more, Structure will offer “makeup for all women, for any occasion,” with regular application ($50.00) or by airbrush ($70.00). They’re currently only offering the service but eventually plan to offer full makeup lines. For those Brides out there wondering, Structure will do group bookings for makeup applications and will also do special orders for gowns through their designer suppliers.

Structure Wardrobe and Style opens May 1st at 11:00am with the Grand Opening on May 2nd in the evening complete with refreshments and a fashion show previewing this season’s hottest looks.