Simpsons in Ireland!

Simpsons in Ireland!

While I can’t claim to be a die-hard Simpsons fan, the old faithful show is always on whenever it’s needed to fill a half hour in prime time between other shows. It’s always light (in an adult humour sort of way) and funny – reliable. I do admit that I have gotten into the habit of setting my PVR to record the newest Fox cartoon family lineup every Sunday now, collecting the latest from Family Guy, American Dad and The Simpsons. But – this week, that new episode which will air on Sunday March 22, 2009 will actually be almost 5 days stale, sort of.

For the first time in the 20 year history of The Simpsons, the new episode will air in a region of the world other then North America first and on a network other then Fox. Sky1 in Ireland has the prestigious right to air this weeks brand new Simpsons episode before anyone else. That’s because the Simpsons family has packed up and headed to Ireland for a St. Patrick’s Day special that will be memorable, without question.

In an episode titled, In The Name of the Grandfather, Homer and Grandpa take off to the green isle and visit landmarks like the Guinness brewery and Grafton Street. The episode will also feature special voice appearances by Belfast-born actor Kenneth Branagh (Valkyrie), Oscar winners Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Once).

Executive producers of the show, Al Jean and James L Brooks as well as Nancy Cartwright who is the voice of Bart and many others, are traveling to Ireland specifically for a special screening of the episode. The only things that they’ll reveal about the plot for the episode are that Homer and Grandpa attempt to buy a pub, but it may not exactly work out in their best interests.

Whatever happens to the Simpsons this St. Patrick’s day, it is clearly evident that even they cannot escape the world’s desire to be Irish for a day!