Current 10 Year Cover

Current 10 Year Cover

My involvement with Current began over a sandwich and a chocolate dipped doughnut at the Tim’s that used to be attached to the Ultramar on Elizabeth Avenue (in all fairness, the new one just up the road on Torbay is much nicer).  I had been asked to meet Karla Hayward, a contact from my past who’d reconnected with me on Facebook.   She had seen a note I’d posted (not one of the questionnaires, an actual note) which compared America’s Next Top Model to Larry King Live. Admittedly, it was more about admiration for Larry King then anything else but nonetheless it had caught Karla’s attention. I’m not sure if it was the journalistic admiration or the writing in the piece that led her to invite me on board, perhaps a bit of both, but there hasn’t been a single day since that I haven’t felt in love with what I get to do with Current.

As Roger so aptly put it, this paper is a labour of love. Everyone that has been involved with it over the last decade has more then likely had another ‘main’ job, or at least something else to supplement. From my experience most everything in the arts scene is of that nature, unless of course one is extremely fortunate. But it’s not just about the money. I recently learned about a 20-something named Tony Hsieh, he’s a young guy who happened to be one of the co-founders of LinkExchange which he got $265 million for when Microsoft came sniffing around. Not to shabby. He’s a shoe salesman now. Why you ask? He’s in it for the love; because he didn’t want to stop programming and he founded which went from a speck on the net in 1998 to being worth over $1 billion 10 years later. In a recent interview I’d watched with him where I learned of this, he was asked what his best advice was and he said all you can do is work at what you love and if it’s genuine and where you really want to be, the money will come.

Current is about the experience, for the writers, editors, designers, photographers and most importantly the readers.The writers get to bring an experience or share a story with the people who grab an issue with their coffee. Or, perhaps an article will get that reader involved somehow or help plan a great weekend. It’s about the community, what’s going on in it and the paper evolves, to that effect. Current is nice slice of St. John’s life that tracks our culture and trends; everything from our music scene to books, theatre, wine, sex and community issues. “If you’ve got something to say Current wants to hear about it,” is a slogan Ally Baird, the present editor, applied when she established the paper’s Facebook group and that’s been true since the first issue. In her time as editor along with Jim Baird as publisher, Current has already surmounted what many thought would be a challenge, going weekly. Since the fall of 2008 we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to offer up the Current slice of life every Friday. So, while 10 years later we’re all not exactly a billion bucks richer, we have our weekly achievement.

My journey has led me to cover a lot since that chocolate dipped doughnut, going from an occasional column to one or two a week, co-editing a few issues here and there. Sure it’s more work but it’s also done with a great sense of pride and privilege. I have gotten the sense that this is a widely shared sentiment amongst all those that have contributed to Current over the last 10 years. Our commemorative cover represents the faces of some past and present contributors, those that work in the front lines and behind the scenes to put each issue in your hands, every week. We’re all only to happy to do it and look forward to another great 10 years. Aw, make that 20!