originally published February 2009

Well surely you’ve heard about it if you haven’t seen it already, the latest and greatest from Colleen Power, New Townie Man, now has a video to go with it served up fresh for you to watch at any time on YouTube.  With more then 40,000 hits in less then two weeks, the video shot by Roger Maunder, has become the new basis for the ‘overpass’ syndrome.  Now it would seem the great townie / baymen divide has been immortalized in song, if it hasn’t been already somewhere and even if it is, Power and Maunder’s combined efforts have nonetheless created something quite entertaining, with more to come according to Maunder himself.

Where did the concept for this project come from?
The main concept was Colleen’s idea. She had done up a shot-list for the video months before we went to camera but not all the shots she wanted came to be. As we were shooting I had some suggestions that she agreed would work. It was defiantly collaborative.

What’s the song / video about?
The song is about a woman from around the bay that hooks up with a townie. The crowd where she’s from (around the bay) doesn’t seem to like it very much but as she explains the townie has a lot more to offer.

Are there any other songs with videos from her Reject’s album?
Not yet but they are in the works and soon to be released.

Any fun cameos in the video?
Well, there are a few cameos for sure. Colleen’s friends, singer/songwriter Liz Solo plays a baygirl and Mark Bragg plays a baymen in jail. John (Q) Quinton plays the main bayman throughout the video. We actually shot most of the video in his house.

Where did you shoot the video?
We shot the video in a few locations. We shot the majority of our scenes at our house in town. The scenes with the baymen were shot in Portugal Cove. The other scenes with the baygirls were in Fermuese and around St. John’s.

How long did it take and what was your budget?
We did the video in sections so a couple of days to get it all in the can. The edit took a couple of days as well. The camera was on loan from a friend of ours and I have an editing suite at my office. So real costs, all in total about $400 and a tank of gas.

Any fears for backlash given the subject matter?
The majority of people get it but there are some people out there that think it’s a swipe at them. Maybe it’s a little close to home for some but it’s a fun video cut to a fun song. You can’t please all the people all the time, right?

Any concern for perpetuating a negative stereotype though?
No, not at all. No matter where you are or where you come from there are stereotypes. Look at all the comedy shows that have come on television over the years poking fun at different parts of Canada and ourselves too. We are poking fun at both baymen and townies. Some people are sensitive and if they can’t see the joke in it, well, that’s all we can do…there’s more coming.

What kind of feedback have you heard?
There have been hundreds and hundreds of emails to both Colleen and me saying how much they love the video and how it made them laugh on that particular day. Of course there have been some negative comments mostly from people who I suspect can see themselves in the video and probably touched a nerve. Some others are worried about the stereotype that it gives Newfoundland. It’s a song and if it’s the worst that they have to complain about then have at it.

Are any of the ‘baymen’ in the video real baymen?
Yep, I would say half the people in the video are actual baymen including Colleen herself the main baygirl.

Is there any ambition to take this particular video further?
We are both surprised at how far the video has gone in just two weeks. Word of mouth, the media and the internet seems to have taken it on a ride that we never could have imagined. The video will be a part of a show we are developing for television called ‘Downtown Freaks’. There is more to come.