originally published September 2008

Quite frankly, who wouldn’t want better sex? It’s difficult to imagine someone actually saying they wouldn’t want to improve their capacity to enjoy sex and be better at it. Economist and educator Alison Coffin not only wants to improve her capacity to enjoy, she’s making it a point to help everyone else reach their potential too. Sounds terrible, right? But, Alison just loves sex. She even opened up her inaugural presentation Great Sex for Everyone on September 3 at the Martini Bar by seductively and playfully coming on stage boasting about how she loves to have, think about and talk about sex all the time! Admittedly, there’s a fantastic comedic element to her presentation, presumably with the mission of talking down some walls of resistance and let’s face it – shyness.

At first it seemed like there wasn’t going to be that much revelation as a result of the presentation. Before it had even started there were questions. Mainly, was this about guys getting off and girls getting off, thusly whatever she says will apply no matter what your sexuality? This was pleasantly the case and writing as a male member of the audience that night, there is plenty the boys can learn from the girls! Who knew there was an entire alphabet of ‘spots’ down there? It has the potential to be like a pinball machine – and can you imagine if you actually managed to hit more then one? There’s all kinds of ‘em – C,U,P,G and A to be exact – but you’ll have to check out the show to find out where they all are and what they can do.

And that’s just women. In fact, the show took great strides to help dispel how much Martian men and Venusian woman don’t understand one another and why. Put it in this light, men and women don’t always get each other in the bedroom and Alison might just have the answer. As men get tired, she shared, 70% of their brain shuts down when they sleep. Women on the other hand have a 90% active brain, even in slumber! So, ladies, it’s up to you to keep those minds of men going, that’s why role play and dress up have long been the fantasies of your special guy – he just didn’t necessarily know why until now. And guys it’s up to you to make sure you get some of that brain activity, so all of a sudden that relaxing music, those lit candles and the rose petals everywhere don’t seem so pointless right? They’ll help her shut out the fact that her brain actually has more neurons firing off per square inch and make it that much easier for her to focus on what’s going on.

Without giving away too much the show created some excellent ideas and concepts for people to try at home as well. Sight is the most dominant sense so in appealing to the others she suggested having sex to music, making your very own sex ‘mix tape’ and if you get really into it you can reach Pavlov’s orgasm! Scent also plays a huge role when it comes to sex and men and women both have different triggers that make them get on the go but pumpkin pie works for both, so here’s to next Thanksgiving! There’s a list of foods to try, so no more kickin’ that special someone out of bed for eating crackers (except they’re not on the list). You are what you eat too after all and Alison makes no mistake it can change how good you taste as well, making sure to offer dietary suggestions in that respect as well (boys, asparagus is out for you!).

The entire evening is made even more entertaining by the fact that all her guests start the night with a goody bag. It was filled with a seemingly aimless collection of about a dozen things that would never go together like a bamboo stick, poker chip, a glass candy (which incidentally rekindled an appreciation for them), and a take home treat – a mini styrofoam ball! Alison confessed that she’d hoped to find walnuts instead but there were none to be found in St. John’s so these had to do. Either way, it’s exercise equipment so it shouldn’t be trashed to hurt the environment anyway! Finding out what this can do to improve your sex life is just another reason to check out this very entertaining show, not to mention that if you pay attention and get it up to yell back answers her assistants throw lube out. There are plans to expand the People are Staring brand of workshops in the future with ones that cater to specific interests. To keep up with what’s going on and coming up they’ve set up a website at www.peoplearestaring.com where you can sign up for updates.