Felix Da Housecat

Felix Da Housecat

The album is called Virgo Blacktro and the Moviedisco and opens with Virgo Arrival introducing an interesting album concept. Blacktro is the name of a main character and he arrives at the Moviedisco with his two mates Lana and Badbot (who is a robot according to the comic in the liner, if the name didn’t tip you off). The characters kind of stop developing there but are relevant throughout the rest of the album with songs almost representing them.

It progressively develops from a minimal sound to a heavier searing electro, with the chilled out Moviedisco and lead single Like Something 4 Porno! postioned as the tracks to check your coats and get comfortable to. The third track, Radio, is an infectious future follow up single and is quick to be deposited into memory with its hooking chorus. The characters pop in an out, I Saw The Future/Blacktro Man for instance, while only a 38 second interlude feels substantial bleeding into another 34 second interlude and serve as reminders of the album’s creative concept.

Within the liner notes Felix thanks a “Sweetfrosti” saying, “thank you loads for getting me thru the storm,” interesting given a track on the album is also titled Sweetfrosti with appreciative lyrics. Other notable names attached to the album include Nellee Hooper (U2, Gwen Stefani, Bjork, Madonna) and the photography is bizarrely attributed to longtime writer and producer Dallas Austin (Madonna, TLC, Janet Jackson) who is also the Executive Producer of this album. Also of note is that Felix takes time to offer up those that inspired him – every one from Jimi Hendrix to currents like Daft Punk and superstar dj and producer Stuart Price who’s credited with producing Confessions on a Dancefloor.

The track Lookin’ My Best is probably the laziest track on the album given its extremely close sound and lyrical composition to Ready 2 Wear from the 2004 album Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever. It’s followed by an amusing interlude that says Pretty Girls Don’t Dance – apparently they just pose to the beat – perfect to lead into the Tweak which hits next and is clearly Lana’s song. The third character introduced at the beginning of the album, Badbot, doesn’t really seem to get a song but instead seems to live in the harder electro beats of the final few tracks to welcome you to the dawn like Nighttripperz.

The album, supposedly inspired by true events, doesn’t disappoint and has something for the lovers of chilled out beats to stiff and jagged electro beats and everything in between. It’s perhaps the strongest Felix Da Housecat record to date and shouldn’t be missed.